Main characteristics

– Very low power consumption
– Ecologic gas R410a
– Zinc plated and sturdy frame
– Powder painted
– Electronic control
– Digital display
– Silent
– Elegant design and a strong robustness
– Rated average power consumption 980 W
– Air flow  800 mc/h
– Suond pressure level  49 db(A)
– Refrigerant  R410a
– Weight   72 Kg


The Fral FSW series fixed dehumidifiers are high-performance appliances, usable in a variety of applications. They are particularly suited to dehumidify swimming pool environments, since they are resistant to corrosion due to chlorine. They feature a high efficiency air filter in polyurethane, washable and easily replaceable, and the possibility of direct drain. Optionally, it is possible to install a condensate lifting pump that allows condensate pumping up to a height of 3.5 meters from the machine positioning level. The Fral fixed dehumidifiers series FSW can be equipped with electrical resistances or hot water coil for heating. Their elegant design makes them particularly suitable for installation in special environments such as libraries and offices.


FRAME All FSW units are made in galvanised sheet metal, powder coated with enamelat 180° C polyurethane powders to ensure the best resistance against the atmospheric agents. The frame is self-supporting.

COMPRESSOR Rotative compressor.
The compressor features:
1. High efficiency for saving in energy consumption.
2. Low noise level, quiet operation.
3. Use of the HFC refrigerant for the protection of the environment.
4. High reliability, long life.

REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT : The refrigerant gas used in these units is R410a. The refrigeration circuit is realized in conformity with ISO 97/23 concerning welding procedures and PED regulations.
The refrigerant circuit includes:
• drying filter.
• Schrader valve for maintenance and control.
• capillary tube expansion.
• compressor.
• condenser and evaporator made in copper tubing with aluminium fins

CONDENSATE DRAIN Condensate drain tube fitting: 3/4″ Female.

FAN Centrifugal fan.

AIR FILTER Made in synthetic material, the air filter is washable and easily replaceable.

MICROPROCESSOR The microprocessor controls all the functions of the machine, such as: general operation, automatic defrost system, alarms, and adjustment of humidity and temperature (temperature only for machine version with hot water coil).

CONTROL PANEL The electrical panel complies with the electromagnetic compatibility standards (2004/108 EEC) and the rules of electrical safety for Low Voltage appliances 2006/95 EEC. The electric panel features the following components:
1. Remote control terminals;
2. Electronic card; The installation must comply with the safety rules and laws in force. Provide a main disconnector, if necessary.

TESTING Tests are performed to check the tightness of the refrigeration circuit. Electrical discharge tests and functional tests are performed as well.

TECHNICAL STANDARDS This dehumidifier meets the essential requirements included in the Directives of the European Community 2006/95/EC of 12 December 2006 on the safety of electrical products for use in Low Voltage; 2004/108/EC of 15 December 2004 in the field of electromagnetic compatibility; 2006/42/EC of 17 May 2006 in the fields of machinery safety.

The conformity is declared with reference to the following harmonized technical standards: CEI-EN 60335-2-40, CEI-EN 55014-1, CEI-EN 55014-2. We also declare that the product is manufactured in compliance with the RoHS Directive in force, that is 2002/95/EC, transposed with the Legislative Decree of 25 July 2005 no. 151 (article 5).

Technical data

Potenza nominale media assorbita (27 ºC – 60% R.H.)

Massima corrente assorbita (35°C – 70% R.H.) F.L.A.

Massima corrente assorbita con resistenze elettriche (35°C – 70% U.R.)

Portata d’aria nominale


Grado di protezione

Potenza resistenze elettriche

Campo di funzionamento (umidità relative) T < 30 °C

Campo di funzionamento (umidità relative) T 32÷35 °C



1300 W

6,8 A

18 A

980 mc/h



2,7 kW





Massima potenza assorbita (35 ºC – 70% U.R.)

Massima potenza assorbita con resistenze elettriche (35°C – 70% U.R.)

Corrente di spunto L.R.A.

Livello pressione sonora (3 metri in campo libero)

Attacco sulla macchina per scarico condensa

Capacità riscaldamento batteria acqua calda (ambiente 27°C acqua 70/60 °C)

Campo di funzionamento (temperature)

Campo di funzionamento (umidità relative) T 30÷32 °C

Tensione disponibile Standard



1500 W

3900 W

28 A

52 db(A)


3,2 kW

7÷35 °C








600 mm

320 mm



1800 mm

75 kg


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