Main characteristics

– Very low power consumption
– Hot gas defrost
– Ecologic gas R410a
– Zinc plated and sturdy frame
– Powder painted
– Two big wheels and strong pipe arms
– Hour counter
– Automatic humidistat
– Evaporator coil in aluminium and of smooth tubes
– Efficient and easy cleaning filter
– Fittings for continuous draining pipe connection
– Rated average power consumption 530 W
– Air flow  450 mc/h
– Suond pressure level  51 db(A)
– Refrigerant  R410a
– Weight   34 Kg


The Fral professional fixed dehumidifiers of the series FDK are high-performance, compact, easy to install appliances and can be used in multiple applications. They feature a high-efficiency filter in polyurethane, washable and easily replaceable, which can be connected to a fixed drain. They are equipped with strong handles for easy handling, rubber feet and an onboard mechanic humidistat. The Fral industrial dehumidifiers of the series FDK are equipped as standard with a Hot Gas defrosting system, with electronic and thermostatic control, and can work with temperatures close to 0 °C.


FRAME The frame and the sheets are hot galvanised, epoxy powder coated, ensuring high strength and durability.

Rotative compressor, mounted on vibration dampers.

Evaporator :
 the evaporation coil consists of smooth tubes in aluminium. The smooth tubes ensure a high yield of the dehumidifier, significantly reducing energy consumption, even at low relative humidity.
Condenser : the coil is made of copper pipes and aluminium fins, the wide size of the condenser fins ensures resistance to dust, long life and easy maintenance of the machine.

CONDENSATE COLLECTION TANK The condensate collection tank, installed as standard, is very large and can be easily removed. The machine is also ready for connection to a fixed condensate drain.

CONDENSATE LIFTING PUMP Optional in all versions, it replaces the condensate collection tank and allows to remove the condensed water up to a height of 3.5 mt with respect to the position of the machine. Equipped with an alarm for dehumidifier stop in the case of pump failure. Alternatively, it is available a condensate lifting pump kit, easily applicable outside the dehumidifier, provided with malfunction alarm that switches off the machine.

FAN Axial fan, statically and dynamically balanced, long-lasting and durable.

AIR FILTER The air filter, supplied as standard with the unit, is washable and easily replaceable. High-efficiency filter.

MICROPROCESSOR Controls the defrosting cycles with hot gas, the timer of the compressor and the alarm card.

CONTROL PANEL Located at the top of the machine. Executed according to the European standards in force.

TESTING Tests are performed to check the tightness of the refrigeration circuit. Electrical discharge tests and functional tests are performed as well.

TECHNICAL STANDARDS This dehumidifier meets the essential requirements included in the Directives of the European Community 2006/95/EC of 12 December 2006 on the safety of electrical products for use in Low Voltage; 2004/108/EC of 15 December 2004 in the field of electromagnetic compatibility; 2006/42/EC of 17 May 2006 in the fields of machinery safety.

The conformity is declared with reference to the following harmonized technical standards: CEI-EN 60335-2-40, CEI-EN 55014-1, CEI-EN 55014-2. We also declare that the product is manufactured in compliance with the RoHS Directive in force, that is 2002/95/EC, transposed with the Legislative Decree of 25 July 2005 no. 151 (article 5).

Technical data

Rated average power consumption (26.7 ºC – 60% R.H.)

Maximum current consumption (35 ºC – 70% R.H.) F.L.A.

Air fiow


Operational range (temperatures)

Operating range (relative humidity) T < 30 °C

Available voltage and frequency



530 W

3,9 A

450 mc/h


0,5-35 °C

35 – 90 %


420 mm

34 Kg

Maximum power consumption (35 ºC – 95% U.R.)

Start up current L.R.A.

Sound pressure level (3 meters in open field)

Capacity of the condensate water tank

Operating range (relative humidity) T < 30 °C

Operating range (relative humidity) T 32÷35 °C



780 W

30 A

51 db(A)




350 mm

580 mm




400 mm

620 mm



480 mm

36 Kg


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