Main characteristics

– Automatic dehumidostat (or remote control) 
– High and low pressure switches
– Ecologic gas R410a
– Structure with aluminium proles and panels in sturdy galvanised sheet
– Epoxy powder painted
– Electronic management of defrosting
– It can be ducted
– Rated average power consumption 8150 W
– Air flow  6200 mc/h
– Suond pressure level  67 db(A)
– Refrigerant  R407c
– Weight   230+71 Kg


The FD TCR series fixed dehumidifiers are high-performance appliances. This version is equipped with external condenser which enables dehumidification coupled with cooling, controlling humidity and temperature at the same time. They feature a washable air filter and must be connected to a fixed drain. They are equipped with an onboard mechanical dehumidostat. It should always be associated with a temperature control: digital thermostat. The dehumidifiers of the series TCR can be equipped with an optional HOT GAS defrosting system, with electronic and thermostatic control, and can work with temperatures close to 0 °C.


FRAME MODELS FD360TCR – FD980TCR Structure with aluminium profiles and panels in sturdy galvanised sheet, painted with epoxy powder ensuring high resistance to atmospheric agents and aggressive environments.

COMPRESSOR Scroll compressor mounted on vibration dampers. Provided with resistance on the housing and thermal safety.

REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT : Evaporator and condenser: the coil is made of copper pipes and aluminium fins. Drying filter, Shrader valves, minimum and maximum pressure switch. Defrosting thermostat and solenoid valve in version S.

CONDENSATE COLLECTION TANK : MODELS FD240 TCR The tank is in plastic non-corrosive, the dehumidifier should be connected to a fixed drain, preventing the formation of double siphons. Attach a tube with 3/4″ F coupling to the welded fitting of the tank.


IP Standard IP21. On request IP44 (optional).

OUITSIDE UNIT The remote condensers are made of copper pipes and aluminium fins. The diameter of the copper pipes is 3/8” and the thickness of the aluminium fins is 0,1 mm. The tubes are mechanically expanded into the aluminium fins to improve the heat exchange factor. The geometry of these condensers guarantees a low air side pressure drop and then the use of low rotation (and low noise emission) fans. The fans are axial type with aluminium aerofoil blades complete of the safety fan guard. The protection class of the motors is IP 54.

FAN Centrifugal double suction fan, built with sturdy blades in galvanized sheet, statically and dynamically balanced. Protection degree: Three-speed fan.

HOT GAS DEFROST Enables to use the dehumidifier in environments with temperature up to 3 °C. It is a special hot gas injection system to accelerate the defrosting of the ice formed in the evaporator.

AIR SUPPLY The air supply is supplied as standard on the side opposite to the air inlet, but you may require the dehumidifier in TOP version (with delivery on the top side of the machine).

AIR FILTER The air filter, supplied as standard with the unit, is washable and easily replaceable. It is in Polyurethane and High-efficiency filter.

MICROPROCESSOR Controls the defrosting cycles, the compressor timer and the alarm card. The dehumidifier is equipped with step sequence control and electronic control 0-10 V (optional) or on/off of the outside unit.

CONTROL PANEL AND ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANEL Located in the side area of the machine. IP protection degree. Made in compliance with the European standards 73/23 and 89/336.

TESTING Tests are performed to check the tightness of the refrigeration circuit. Electrical discharge tests and functional tests are performed as well.

TECHNICAL STANDARDS This dehumidifier meets the essential requirements included in the Directives of the European Community 2006/95/EC of 12 December 2006 on the safety of electrical products for use in Low Voltage; 2004/108/EC of 15 December 2004 in the field of electromagnetic compatibility; 2006/42/EC of 17 May 2006 in the fields of machinery safety.

The conformity is declared with reference to the following harmonized technical standards: CEI-EN 60335-2-40, CEI-EN 55014-1, CEI-EN 55014-2. We also declare that the product is manufactured in compliance with the RoHS Directive in force, that is 2002/95/EC, transposed with the Legislative Decree of 25 July 2005 no. 151 (article 5).

Technical data

Rated Average Power Consumption (20°C, 60% R.H.) with 4 kW resistances

Available voltage


Power supply – V/ph/Hz

Sound pressure level



12,150 W



48 db (A



Hot water coil heating capacity (environment 27°C, water 60/70 °C)

Refrigerating capacity (26 °C indoor – 30 °outdoor)

Maximum input current

Air flow

Width 1180


20,000 W

26 kW

1.89 A

8,000 m3/h 2.2 m3/s



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