Main characteristics

– Silent
– High effincency
– Touch screen
– Plastic heat exchanger
– Ermetic compressor
– It can be ducted

– Rated average power consumption 450 W
– Efficiency rate recovery  90%
– Renewal airflow 150 mc/h
– Weight   58 Kg
– Refrigerant   R134a


Packaged unit for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, including an high efficiency heat recovery, with a sophisticate and precise control of the air flows,and a refrigerant circuit for isothermic dehumidification or air cooling. The Machine has a Microprocessor control of all the functions which can be set with a user friendly touch screen, or through an Mod Bus connection.


FRAMEE The seriers F – VMC are made from hot-galvanised thick sheet metal, to ensure the best resistance against the corrosions with removable panels for easy inspection and maintenance.

COMPRESSOR The compressor is alternative and ermetic equipped with:
1. High efficiency for saving in energy consumption.
2. Vibration dampers in order to reduce vibration.
3. Use of the HFC refrigerant for the protection of the environment.
4. High reliability, long life.
5. Acoustic insulation. Low noise level, quiet operation.

REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT Evaporator and condenser: the coil is made of copper pipes and aluminium fins with 2,8 mm step. The cooling circuit is hermetically sealed. Capillary, filter drier in silica gel, high pressure device (deu-climate version only)

CONDENSATE COLLECTION TANK Thermoformed plastic PST; condensate drain tube fitting: 16mm.

FANS EC type (electronic control) low noise and with big diameter forward- curved blades motor fan. ery low noise emission in low frequencies.

AIR FILTER It’s mounted standard with the unit. It’s made of filtering material in synthetic fibre. It can be easly removed for its replacing, class G4, according to EN 779:2002.

HEAT RECOVERY Exagonal cross-flow high efficency heat recovery.

MICROPROCESSOR AND SOFTWARE The series F-VMC is equipped of an intelligent and advanced software that controls and manages:
1. Air flows
2. Cooling machine
3. Free Cooling (opzional)
4. Refrigerant condensing pressure
5. Control interface (RS485)
6. CO2 Level
7. Damper

TESTING Tests are performed to check the tightness of the refrigeration circuit. Electrical discharge tests and functional tests are performed as well.

TECHNICAL STANDARDS This dehumidifier meets the essential requirements included in the Directives of the European Community 2006/95/EC of 12 December 2006 on the safety of electrical products for use in Low Voltage; 2004/108/EC of 15 December 2004 in the field of electromagnetic compatibility; 2006/42/EC of 17 May 2006 in the fields of machinery safety.

The conformity is declared with reference to the following harmonized technical standards: CEI-EN 60335-2-40, CEI-EN 55014-1, CEI-EN 55014-2. We also declare that the product is manufactured in compliance with the RoHS Directive in force, that is 2002/95/EC, transposed with the Legislative Decree of 25 July 2005 no. 151 (article 5)

Technical data

Electric Supply

Maximum absorbed power

Drying Capacity (*)

Exhaust Air Flow

Fresh Air Flow

Available static Pressure Fresh air Side (*)

Sound Pressure level at 3 mt. free field (Ambient Inlet side) (**)

Water side Pressure drop

230/1/50 V/Ph/Hz

540 W

32,5 l/24h

0-150 m3/h

0-150 m3/h

140 Pa

39 dB(A)

0,22 bar

Nominal absorbed power

High Efficiency Heat Recuperator

Big diameter forward-curved blades motor fan EC with adjustable fix air flow

Max Exhaust air flow in Booster function

Available Static Pressure Exhaust Air (*)

Sensible cooling Capacity (*) – Only for RDC version

Nominal water flow (inlet temp. 15°C)

Refrigerant R134a

450 W

90% fino a 140 m3/h di VMC

300 ÷ 360 mc/h

200 m3/h

150 Pa

1,18 kW

280 l/h

425 g


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