Main characteristics

– Compact dimensions
– Ecologic gas R134a
– Ermetic compressor
– Silent
– Three fan speed
– Functioning without water
– Supplementary cooling
– It can be ducted
– Rated average power consumption 790 W
– Air flow  560 mc/h
– Suond pressure level  40 db(A)
– Refrigerant  R134a
– Weight   52 Kg


The DRC and DRP series of dehumidifiers are used for moisture control where there is a cooling system with radiant panels. The dehumidifiers of the series DRP and DRC have standard battery of pre-and post-cooling, dehumidifiers are isothermal. The NA version is a normal dehumidifier that works without connecting to the chilled water circuit. The DC version can also work in cooling mode always combined with the dehumidification in order to ensure optimum control of temperature also. The devices are particularly quiet, ducted versions are provided of the intake and discharge and delivery plenums.


STRUCTURE Dehumidifiers serious DRP consist of a body made of hot galvanized steel with removable panels for easy inspection and maintenance. The frame is pre-assembled, has brackets for fixing to the masonry.

COMPRESSOR I the compressor is of type alternative hermetic , with the thermal protection device and acoustic insulation, is mounted on vibration dampers to reduce the vibrations

REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT : Consisting of evaporator and condenser with copper pipes and aluminum fins 2.8 mm step. The cooling circuit is hermetically sealed. Capillary, filter drier in silica gel, high pressure (deu-climate version only)

FAN MOTOR The fan inside the model DRP16 is axial type of thermoplastic material, a low-noise. The fan inside the model DRP33 is centrifugal type impeller with d. 144 mm. Fan Motor with capacitor and switch to 6 speed.

AIR FILTER Made of synthetic material made of polypropylene, the air filter is washable and easy to replace. It is mounted on wooden grid.


MICROPROCESSOR Performs defrost control, the delay of the compressor and manages alarms through electronic control (deu-climate version).

PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Low water pressure switch, breaking and fans (deu-climate version only).

TESTING Tests are carried out leaks in the circuit, testing and functional testing of electric shock.

TECHNICAL STANDARDS This dehumidifier meets the essential requirements contained in the European Community Directive 2006/95/EC of 12 December 2006 on the safety of electrical products for use in low voltage, 2004/108/EC of 15 December 2004 relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility, 2006 / 42/CE of 17 May 2006 on the safety of machinery. Conformity is declared with reference to the following harmonized standards: CEI-EN 60335-2-40, IEC-EN 55014-1, CEI-EN 55014-2. It also states that the product is manufactured in compliance with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC or in force, enforced by the Legislative Decree 151 July 25, 2005 (Article 5)

Technical data

Rated Average Power Consumption (at 25°C, 60% R.H.- water 16°C)

Absorbed Current (at 35°C, 95% R.H.) F.L.A.

Air Flow (with clean air filter)

Range air flow


Condensed Draining Pipe

Functioning Relative Humidity Range



790 W

4,9 A

560 mᶟ/h

500 ÷ 680 mc/h



16 mm




Max Power Consumption (at 32°C, 95% R.H.)

Locked Rotor Current L.R.A.

Static pressure available/span>

Suond Pressure Level (at 3 mts in free field)

Attacks water IN / OUT

Functioning Temperature Range

Total cooling capacity in operation “cooling” (25°C – 65% U.R. – water 16/18°C)

Cooling water flow (inlet temp.16°C)

Head pressare drop of water cooling coil (inlet temp. 16°C)


Weight (WITH CASE)

890 W

30 A

56 ÷ 22

42 db(A)



3,2 kW

2,0 kW

790 W

890 W


52 Kg


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